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first love always it's keeped in mind

    It was year 1962 and my elder brother bought one of those beautiful cars, which at that time mark a lot of innovations. You can see the intent of making an aerodynamically car with rounded front and back, those lines were estimated that we can get better performance for a low resistance to ride. The first between the first ones. Also it was the first production car that eliminated those bored round front lights, incorporating new oval shape ones. Next year, 1963, Mercedes replace the round for those heavy verticals; now that changes are part of the history.

    Well, that car, make a deep mark in my dreams and after my first car that was a Simca 1204 (body 1000) which I bought at Colombia, when I came back to Santiago de Chile, in 1978, I found a Ford Taunus Turnier 17M 1962 (also named as P3 or Badewane) J

    Year 1978, I bought this Station Wagon, named for German as Turnier. It was belonged to a printing-office and its condition was pretty good. Models 17M came to Chile with a manual 3 gearbox for sedans and 4 speed for stations; but respecting the engine they were 1700 cc for sedans and 1500 cc for stations (?)

    I make it a good tuning with new pistons, but always I feel that the car was too heavy for the engine of only 1500 cc. At that time 1980 I bought a new Cadillac with a tremendous engine, so the riding feeling was "a car for old people" ;-) when I compare them;  but one day I found a car service where Taunus were the specialty. The owner of that repair station recommend me exchange the block of the engine for one of the 1700 cc, keeping the same accessories and gearbox (!) It becomes the best Taunus of Chile and maybe of the world, because also the old electrical system of 6V was upgraded to 12V, keeping the same starter. :-D

    September 1989 going to my job 05:15 AM, a bus cross through a red light so I crash my loved Taunus at 60 km per hour. It was the last ride for it, but it saved my life because I didn't suffer any hurt. So I replace with a new Lada 2104 Station Wagon. Any inquire, do not hesitate to e-mail me to .

my Taunus 17m Turnier 1962 engine 1700, 4 speed gearbox and 12V

october 4, 1988 front of my house at Satiago de Chile just a hit over the forward wheel year 1979, my friend Miguel going to the airport going to the airport; take a look those old tires

over the old bridge of Mataquito river , Curico over the old bridge of Mataquito river , Curico near of San Clemente, Talca at the Cajón del Rio Maipo near Santiago

some pretty Taunus founded in the net, thanks for your help

mi Taunus al comprarlo, era igual a este. Posteriormente lo pinté varias veces pero siempre en tonalidades grices, ya que tenía un techo forrado en tevinil color negro.

este modelo, siempre fue mi sueño, pero lamentablemente nunca llegó a Chile. Hasta hace algunos años atrás, traté de encontrar un coupe en buen estado y acondicionarlo

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